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Ski lessons, learn skiing with a licensed instructor, find a ski course with Sensaski.


Sensaski, ski holidays timetable this winter, do your choice to reserve your ski course with your ski instructor.


To learn skiing with a ski instructor : idealy out of school holidays periods  : The ski slopes will be yours !
The ski instructors will be more easily left...
The quality of the snow can be much variable :
- In december-january : fresh snow stays a very long time excellent, but days ar short and the freeze can be high.
- End of the ski season :  since march,  often the snow turns into "spring snow", hard on the morning and melting as soon as the sun is rising.



Choose a ski course at the right time, timetable of school holidays in winter by geographical areas. Ski holidays in France

French holidays, by zones,  "school academies" :

zone0 Zone A :  

Caen ,  Clermont-Ferrand ,  Grenoble ,   Lyon ,  Montpellier ,  Nancy-Metz ,  Nantes ,  Rennes ,   Toulouse

zone1 Zone B :   Besançon ,  Aix-Marseille ,  Amiens ,  Dijon ,   Lille ,  Limoges ,  Nice ,  Orléans-Tours ,  Poitiers ,   Reims ,  Rouen ,  Strasbourg
zone2 Zone C :   Bordeaux ,  Créteil ,  Paris ,  Versailles

Source : Ministère de la jeunesse, de l'éducation nationale et de la recherche.


ski lesson, skiers in groupHolidays Europe :

ski courses, Schools of England Zone England : vacation of the majority of the schools in England.

source : www.direct.gov.uk/en/Parents/Schoolslearninganddevelopment/SchoolLife/DG_4016103




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